Hello ! I am Marie, born on the 1st december 1975 in Toulouse (France) and peanut butter lover !

Macaniche !

Maybe you don’t know me and Google send you here by accident ? So now you are so desperate to know who is hiding behind the Mariepéties ? Umh, I can’t decently leave in the fog !

For now, I mean when I created this beautiful blog on the 1st november 2018, the « Mariepéties » are some short stories to update my friends and travellers that I met during my trips ! On your coffee break, I take you with me in my suitcase with some pictures and/or videos.

Behind the Mariepéties,

there are a traveller soul, a baker who loves making some macarons, an IT engeneer from rectorat of Toulouse, a Marie Kondo who put into order to get to the point, a world trip from october 2010 to august 2011 and an actress on the way …

My career has been hibernating since March 2016 following an availability for personal reasons (ie a sabbatical year in the private sector) until April 30, 2019.
Meanwhile, for almost 3 years, my “personal reasons” have led me to play the sewing machine, to see all the days of the week as weekends and between two theater performances a trip of 3 months in the summer 2017 on the Oceania side, then finally go back on the road with a one-way trip in December 2017 to Reunion Island ! For new enriching life experiences !

In recent years my daily life is full of unpaid activities, the enrichment of my soul is inversely proportional to that of my bank account. Long live the savings ! Do not worry, decapitalize does not make you crazy, I just feel like I win the lottery when suddenly I get a refund from the social health security.

There you go,

even if you arrive there inadvertently, you already know a lot ? And the hour turns, too bad for the list of my favorite hobbies whether it is the Tahitian dance that one day I will get back to it, to speak english, to skydive not every day anyway, to dive, to hike, to have a nap, to have a lie-in, …

And if you have questions (suspense about my old job, my new paid activity or not, my favorite dishes or the next destination of my travel and life) do not hesitate to contact me ! And then come tell me your stories, I have no break at the coffee machine but in a hammock close to the beach is very good too.

PS : Macaniche is an Occitan word to express the surprise.

Who is Corinne B. ?

Corinne B. – born on 11/11/1974 – a long-time friend met during my first trip in the USA in 1996, lives in Châlons-en-Champagne and translated during her spare time articles of Mariepéties for my greatest happiness ! The time that my memory retains many new English words, this passionate of the States helps me greatly so that you also, English friend, you can read the Mariepéties ! Thanks Coco !